Celebrating All Friends (paperback) 2023 Ed.

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Celebrating All Friends provides a supportive educational fiction reading experience for young readers. With a focus on social and emotional learning (SEL), tightly controlled vocabulary, and bright, fun illustrations to match the fictional storylines and enhance empathy, children will learn about inclusion while developing reading skills. Each book focuses on a child who has a unique condition, disability, or experience and how their friends show support. Familiar, everyday settings, such as school, a birthday party, and a playground, reinforce ways to be a great friend. Titles include tools for teachers and caregivers, a table of contents, and a glossary to reinforce new vocabulary. Back matter provides further information on each character’s condition and the tools that help them each day.

Titles in Series


  • The Bean Team: Our Friend Cory Has Dyslexia
  • Cookie Friends: Our Friend Luis Is Deaf
  • Farmer’s Market Fun: Our Friend Mina Is Blind
  • The Peanut Problem: Our Friend Kenji Has a Food Allergy
  • The Penguin Party: Our Friend Nolan Has Autism
  • A Playground for Everybody: Our Friend Ava Uses a Wheelchair
  • Pool Pals: Our Friend Maya Uses Leg Braces
  • Snow Friends: Our Friend Zuri Has Diabetes

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