Science Questions Series (paperback) 2023 Ed.

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Why do we see rainbows after it rains? How does a hurricane form? Learn the answers to some of the most common science questions about the world around us in this engaging series. Each book highlights a different science question, prompting readers to consider the scientific method. Colorful graphics and labels help explain the answer, while bright photographs and tightly leveled text make the text fun and easy to understand. Each title includes tools for teachers and caregivers, a table of contents, a picture glossary, and an index.


Titles in Series:

  • How Do Rainbows Form?
  • What Are Clouds Made Of?
  • Why Does the Sun Shine?
  • Why Is the Sky Blue?
  • How Does a Hurricane Form?
  • How Does a Tornado Form?
  • What Causes an Earthquake?
  • Why Does Lightning Strike?

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